Bank Indonesia Supports the Empowerment of Tanimbar Fabric Weavers

TUMBUR, LELEMUKU.COM - Head of Representative Office of Bank Indonesia Bank Indonesia (BI) in Maluku Province, Bambang Pramasudi said that BI is concerned with the traditions and culture in the Maluku Islands.

One of their concerns is to provide empowerment assistance to weavers of Tanimbar fabrics.

"Since a few years ago Bank Indonesia has been concerned with the development of weaving fabric Tanimbar, especially in the framework of economic empowerment of people for the sake of society, women's economy" said Bambang to, in Tumbur Village, Wertamrian District, West Southeast Maluku regency, Monday (20/11)

He considered the fabric weavers currently supported by their businesses, has great potential in developing their sales.

"Although currently constrained marketing, we will continue to encourage them to engage in fashion shows or exhibitions in Jakarta or abroad," he said.

Bambang admitted that BI has also collaborated with Inpex Company.

"Inpex from the beginning has paid attention to them. By inviting the weavers with the local government to attend the exhibition in Japan, "he admitted.

He stated, although not as much as Inpex, Bambang admitted to involve weavers studio in MTB which is still active, one of them is Satar Natar Sere in Tumbur Village managed by Olifa Reresi Silolone and her husband, Modestu Silolone.

He said, support to these entrepreneurs will be done optimally. Because of the monitoring during this studio is experiencing progress, although done with all the shortcomings. (Laura Sobuber)
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