Police and Journalists Played a Major Role in Warding Hoax

Police and Journalists Played a Major Role in Warding HoaxSAUMLAKI, LELEMUKU.COM - Local police held a meeting to strengthen professional relationships with journalists in the West Southeast Mollucas (MTB) Regency on Mollucas Province on Thursday (16/9).The meeting aimed to synergize against the news of this hoax was attended by dozens of journalists.

In his speech, Deputy Chief of Police of MTB, Kompol Sebastian Melsasail stated that the mass media has a big role in determining the face of the police.

"The current police paradigm has changed, so we really hope you can all help the police in fighting against false news either through electronic media or print media," said Deputy Police Commander when giving a speech.

According to Melsasail, an effort to build common ground in the fight against false news and rumors reported through social media and irresponsible parties could be increased, so that various attempts used to tamper and divide the unity of the state can be avoided.

"We have to build a synergy in warding off the hoax. Because people today can provoke something through electronic media, print media to create a turbid atmosphere, "he hoped.

The two-hour discussion was filled with a similar perception of media and police cooperation efforts to counteract unverified information, as well as the ideal approach used by the police to provide socialization of the agency's services.

So that citizens who still do not understand the bureaucracy within the police, can know it and no longer think of the police as a rigid and frightening state institutions. (Albert Batlayeri)
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