Launching Calendar of Event North Maluku 2018, Arief Yahya Affirm Main Criteria

Launching Calendar of Event North Maluku 2018, Arief Yahya Affirm Main CriteriaJAKARTA,LELEMUKU.COM - North Maluku Province has many natural beauty, cultural diversity, strategic geographic location, supported by beautiful underwater panorama. The number of potentials will be able to make the tourism sector in North Maluku continues to grow if supported by the implementation of tourism events.

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya officially launches Calendar of Events (CoE) North Maluku 2018 which is marked by beating of tifa music instrument accompanied by several ranks of Ministry of Tourism and North Maluku local government. 

The launch of CoE North Maluku 2018 was also attended by North Maluku Governor, M. Natsir Thaib, and the Regents of North Maluku Province, as well as the Sultan of Ternate and Sultan Tidore.

"In applying the CoE must have the main criterion that is the implementation of a professional and implemented on time. There is or no official, the event must take place because the goal is for tourists, "said Minister Arief Yahya when giving a speech in Launching Calendar of Event North Maluku event, in Sapta Pesona Building, Ministry of Tourism Jakarta, Tuesday (13/3) night.

Taking the theme "Enchantment Kie Raha Shake the World", North Maluku Province is expected to be able to promote the potential of tourism to the world. Therefore, according to Menpar, events in North Maluku CoE should have cultural values ​​and commercial values ​​that will have a positive impact in improving the economy of the community. (Albert Batlayeri)

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