Southeast Maluku Govt. Ready to Promote Tourism

LANGGUR, LELEMUKU.COM - Southeast Maluku Regency, Maluku Province continues to show its commitment in promoting regional tourism. Southeast Maluku Regency has great potential in tourism and fisheries because 93 percent of Southeast Maluku region is waters and the rest of the land.

"Currently, we continue to make various efforts to lift the potential of tourism by utilizing 93 percent of the territorial waters, especially the island of Kei" said Samuel Risembessy, Regent of Southeast Maluku, in a joint audience Forum Tourism Journalist and Public Communication Communication Bureau Ministry of Tourism, at Langgur, Southeast Maluku, on Friday (16/3).

According to Samuel, a number of efforts to promote Southeast Maluku tourism have been carried out primarily in improving accessibility and promotion. Moreover, according to Samuel, this time Kei lah who became the tourist face of Maluku province, because most of the tourism potential of Maluku is in the district.

For accessibility, the Southeast Maluku Regency in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation plans to extend the runway of Karel Sadsuitubun Airport from 2350 m to 2500 m.

"In addition to the planned runway extension, last January the Southeast Moluccas managed to bring Sriwijaya Airlines from Makassar to Langgur and Batik Air is also planned to fly to Langgur," said Samuel. (Kemenpar)
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