Inpex Masela Supports English Language Training in Tanimbar

Inpex Masela Supports English Language Training in TanimbarSAUMLAKI, LELEMUKU.COM - Oil and gas company in Tanimbar, West Southeast Maluku District (MTB), Maluku Province, Inpex Masela Ltd supports education at local community.

According to the company's Senior Manager, Muhammad Berli, one of their supports is to provide English language training to elementary and secondary school teachers in the Tanimbar Islands.

"This is a proud achievement for us, because we can provide training to 20 participants successfully. Their results are extraordinary and this is an achievement we are targeting," Berli said in Saumlaki, Friday (7/9).

He said this was part of the company's Social Investment Program with SKK Migas and Language Institutions from East Java. They focus on developing the English language skills of the teachers so that the younger generation of Tanimbar can develop themselves.

"They are teachers of elementary school level English in South Tanimbar District (Tansel) and English Language Department students from the Saumlaki College of Education," he said.

Representative of the government of West Southeast Maluku, dr. Edwin Tomasoa said that the training was a fortune to the participants. They must use the knowledge gained and can be delivered to children in villages.

"We have to monitor the impact on the community, especially for children. Activities like this can encourage them to teach," said Tomasoa. (Laura Sobuber)
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