Simcha Rotem, The Last Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Fighter Dies

Simcha Rotem, The Last Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Fighter DiesWARSAW, LELEMUKU.COM - Simcha Rotem, the last known Jewish fighter from the 1943 Warsaw ghetto uprising against the Nazis, has died. He was 94.

Rotem, who went by the underground nickname “Kazik,” was among the rebels who carried out the single greatest act of Jewish resistance during the Holocaust. Though guaranteed to fail, the Warsaw ghetto uprising symbolized a refusal to succumb to Nazi atrocities and inspired other resistance campaigns by Jews and non-Jews alike.

Rotem, who passed away Saturday after a long illness, helped save the last survivors of the uprising by smuggling them out of the burning ghetto through sewage tunnels.

The Jewish fighters fought for nearly a month, fortifying themselves in bunkers and managing to kill 16 Nazis and wound nearly 100.

Six million Jews perished in the Holocaust. (VOA)
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