Papua Province Commemorates 75th National Defense Day with Call for Unity

Papua Province Commemorates 75th National Defense Day with Call for Unity

JAYAPURA, LELEMUKU.COM - In commemoration of the 75th National Defense Day in 2023, the Provincial Government of Papua organized a ceremony attended by civil servants (ASN), military/police personnel, community organizations, and various segments of society on December 19.

The Acting Assistant Secretary for Government Affairs, Yohanes Walilo, S. Sos, M. Si, served as the Ceremony Inspector and delivered the President of the Republic of Indonesia's address. 

He emphasized that every citizen must possess the spirit of National Defense as a fundamental pillar, making individuals resilient and intelligent in facing uncertain situations. The spirit of National Defense is not solely the responsibility of defense forces; it requires active participation from all elements of society. 

In Indonesia, National Defense goes beyond military aspects, encompassing all layers of society in daily life. Through the 75th National Defense Day commemoration in 2023, the people of Indonesia, especially in Papua, are encouraged to continue fostering the spirit of National Defense.

As part of the ceremony, a National Defense Pledge was recited, urging citizens to: Love the homeland, Have a sense of national identity, Be loyal to Pancasila as the state ideology, Be willing to sacrifice for the nation, Possess basic national defense skills.
The recitation aimed to reinforce the importance of these principles in the hearts of citizens and instill a deep sense of responsibility toward the nation.

The commemorative event not only highlighted the historical significance of National Defense but also underscored the collective responsibility of every citizen in building a strong and united nation. The call for unity resonates as a reminder that beyond military might, the strength of a nation lies in the unity and commitment of its people. (DiskominfoPapua)

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