15 Police is Checked for Shift Ballot Box

TERNATE, LELEMUKU.COM - Ditreskrimum North Maluku Police checked 15 personnel assigned to do security TPS and PPK when elections South Halmahera (Halsel), especially shift ballot box to Ternate, the local provincial capital.

"The examination is based on reports of alleged loss of documents or boxes of ballots in 20 polling stations District of Bacan, District Halsel legal team mate candidate for Regent - Deputy district head, Amin Ahmad - Jaya Lamusu," said Head of Police Public Relations Malut, AKBP Hendry Badr, in Ternate Saturday.

He said 20 cases of ballot boxes in Bacan, security members Halsel elections that have been checked, both TPS and PPK.

"We also checked the KDP, and the Commission KPPS Halsel. However, the examination is not in North Maluku Police Headquarters by the sheer numbers of people," said Hendry.

The number of people who wanted to be checked so that the North Maluku Provincial Election Commission to ask the local police Ditreskrimum that are conducted in stages.

"We have written to the Election Commission of North Maluku province that the investigation team that later to Halsel," said Hendry.

Ditreskrimum examination based on the report is included Lajamra Hi. Jakaria, legal team mate candidate for regent and vice regent Halsel number 1, Amin Jaya, on January 26, 2016.

Letters of Evidence Report No. TBLP / 02 / I / 2016 / General Directorate of Criminal Investigation dated January 26, 2016.

In a letter reported that the report described the KPU chairman Malut, Syahrani Somadayo along with four other members suspected of criminal conduct which removes the ballots at polling station 20 in the District of Bacan.

On the allegations, the report Lajamra Malut Provincial Election Commission, as it is considered to have violated article 21 of Law No. 31 of 1999 with the threat of 3-12 years in prison. (antara)
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