Seven Underage Sex Workers in Tanjung Batu Merah Under Police Custody

Seven Underage Sex Workers in Tanjung Batu Merah Under Police CustodyAMBON, LELEMUKU.COM - Results of routine operations conducted Maluku Police, Thursday (7/4) and then to fruition. Oversight conducted on the activities of the localization of Tanjung Batu Merah discovered, there are seven commercial sex workers (CSWs) who are still minors.

Each is AA (15), NHS (16), AR (16) SA (17), NKA (16) FU (16) and ANN (16). Seventh-PSK is secured because the alleged victim of human trafficking or human perdangangan.

As quoted from the People Maluku seven young girls are picked up directly from the localization by dozens of police from the Maluku Police brought to the Unit for Women and Children (PPA) General Directorate of Criminal Investigation.

Kasubbdit 4 General Directorate of Criminal Investigation Superintendent Ely E. Sugalray, confirmed that his company had secured seven underage girls working in brothels Tanjung Batumetah.

"Security is done during routine operation held Maluku Police held and led Kasubdit 4. So that is secured AA (15), NHS (16), NKA (16), AR (16), SA (17) FU (16) and ANN (16). But, they have taken Social Service Maluku, for they were returned to their areas in South Sulawesi. the cost of their repatriation borne Maluku provincial government, through the Department of Social Welfare, "said Sugalray, through the Head of Public Relations Superintendent Sulaiman Waliulu, told the press in his office yesterday.

Regarding the allegations of human trafficking, said Sulaiman Waliulu, still in development. However, while derived from the results of the examination, the victim brought in a year ago from South Sulawesi. They promised to serve in the cafe, but up in Ambon turned out they were ordered to serve a smooth operator.

"Four people financed by the guesthouse owner Dewy orchids and other Siti Aisa. So they asked to serve guests, but up here to serve the masher, with a tariff of Rp 300 to Rp 350 thousand," said Waliulu. (kilasmaluku)

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