Maluku Just Have an Accredited Hospital

Maluku Just Have an Accredited HospitalAMBON, LELEMUKU.COM - Maluku Health Office Head Dr. Meiske Pontoh said only one general hospital in Maluku who passed and received accreditation.

"Hospitals are accredited according to the old rules in fact already reached 60-70 percent, but by using the new pattern has not been all accredited and still in process, while already passed only recently Haulussy dr M. Ambon," said Meilke Pontoh in Ambon on Sunday.

He said dalu only strengthen various administrative documents as requirements such as the creation of standard operating procedures (SOP), but this latest module second issue entry documents.

According to him, the priority now is to implement or not the service appropriate accreditation has been obtained.

"It's no longer like that. It's not being said in the document as it is implemented, including the availability of specialist doctors and hospitals want manejemen problem was the availability of medical equipment," he said.

This accreditation actually do not have to wait for the hospital so even if only one of general medical doctors should be ready to begin the process of accreditation because of its provisions tauhn 2016 all hospitals had to be accredited, but from Eastern Indonesia asked for leniency and should not be generalized to other regions, because the assessment of BPJS road continues ,

"Last December 2015 we received a report from BPJS seven out of 27 RS warned that there is danger, including Haulussy," he said.

Hospitals are fighting for accreditation now Piru Hospital, West Seram regency (SBB).

"Hospital Piru now towards accreditation, and the province has invited them to get information about the accreditation of a hospital that uses the new rules," he said.

However, these people may not pass it on to the management Piru Hospital, then was not planned in implementing activities that are not teranggarkan in the district budget.

"Ideally, when it comes to socializing participating province, the return pass to the managerial ranks and please plan for accreditation readiness," he said.

This process should begin with the first socialization ranging from janitors, security guards up the managerial ranks hospitals to be better informed, due to improvements in the quality of service so the hospital must be accredited.

So that later can view the availability of medical personnel, equipment functioning and well-maintained, until the strength of professional readiness.

"Assistance from hospitals Haulusy, socialization, form teams in hospitals Piru guided by the province and they form four working groups in order to obtain accreditation Hospital targets can be run programmatically," said Meilke Pontoh. (antara)

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