Ternate Satpol PP Raid Business Premises License

Ternate Satpol PP Raid Business Premises LicenseTERNATE, LELEMUKU.COMt - Ternate's Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) raids intensified in a number of businesses and shops are scattered in the city of Ternate, North Maluku to make sure it has permission.

"All businesses and shops which operates must have a permit. If it is found there is no permit will be sanctioned," said PP Kasatpol Ternate, Fandi Mahmud in Ternate on Sunday.

He said, in the raid, Satpol-PP Ternate city in cooperation with the military, Economics, Sintap, the Fire Department, the Department of Revenue (Revenue).

Raids 45 businesses and shops related to business interruption permission.

At least 50 personnel of Satpol-PP, six members of the military, economics, Sintap, Fire Department, Department of Revenue strip (Revenue) of Ternate city is involved in the raid.

According Fandi, in raids when caught businesses or shops that might be taxes or permits that have expired immediately given letters of reprimand, then given a one-week period immediately taken care of.

Therefore, if found to be not taken care of then, we will take decisive steps by sealing the store since become an authority Satpol-PP.

"So we immediately provide a letter of reprimand for most of the 45 stores not yet have a complete business license," said Fandi. (antara)
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