Joko Widodo Signed The Inauguration of Hindu and Buddha Centers in Ambon

Joko Widodo Signed The Inauguration of Hindu and Buddha Centers in AmbonAMBON, LELEMUKU.COM - President Joko Widodo signed a plaque to mark the inauguration of Hindu and Buddha Centers at Pattimura airport in Ambon, Maluku province, before leaving for his next visit to South Sulawesi.

"Two years ago he also inaugurated Christian and Catholic Centers right in the same place," Maluku governor Said Assegaff said after seeing off the president and entourage.

He said the Hindu and Budha centers will complete the Islamic, Christian and Catholic centers that have been established before.

The setting up of the centers of five religions is aimed to make Maluku the best inter-religious harmony laboratory in Indonesia, he said.

"I think no other province has had such a place. Perhaps they have Islamic centers but not Christian or Catholic centers let alone Hindu and Buddha centers," he said.

He said the five religious center buildings were not in the same location but in different places. 

He said President Joko Widodo had oredered him as well as the regional police and military chiefs to maintain security stability in the region.

"He told a lot about Afghanistan just now and so our country must be strong and there must not be any conflict in our country. We must maintain the brotherhood," he said.

To nurture inter-religious harmony he said he has also prepared land to develop multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural estates.

"It is around eight hectares. We wish to set an example," he said. 

He said the provincial government would provide the land, the minisyry of public works the houses and the minisyrybof religious affairs the mosques, churches and temples.

"President was happy to hear about the idea," he said.

President Joko Widodo visited Ambon to among others open the congress of the Islamic Student Association (HMI). (Antara) 
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