The Indonesian Music Conference in Maluku is Growing

AMBON, LELEMUKU.COM - 9 March became the last day of the Indonesian Music Conference at Ambon City Cultural Park, Maluku Province to celebrate National Music Day March 9, 2018.

A number of agreements resulted in the Indonesian Music Conference (KAMI) whose results were read by the chairman of the Indonesian Music Conference, Glenn Fredly.

President Joko Widodo himself welcomed the celebration of National Music Day which took place today by sending a video of congratulations to hold the Indonesian Music Conference and celebrate National Music Day which coincided with the birthday of Wage Rudolf Soepratman, the national anthem creator.

"The music we keep in existence, hopefully the existence of national music more acknowledged its existence globally.Live life without music feels bland," said President in his cuitannya uploaded today, Friday, March 9, 2018.

Through the video included in the cuitannya, the President also hopes that with the holding of the first Indonesian Music Conference held on March 7-9, 2018 in Ambon, Indonesian music people able to formulate and fight for Indonesian music to continue to grow and recognized its existence in the global realm. (*)
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