The Jailolo Bay Festival is Ready to be Held in May

Festival Teluk Jailolo 2018 Siap Dilaksanakan
JAILOLO, LELEMUKU.COM - West Halmahera (Halbar) Regency Government, North Maluku Province is ready to hold the agenda of Jailolo Bay Festival or Festival Teluk Jailolo (FTJ) 2018 which will be held on 3-5 May 2018 in District Jailolo.

According to the Head of Tourism Office of Halbar, Fenny Kiat, this folk party is guaranteed to be festive and interesting. Because of the annual event held since 2009 and this presents a variety of local wisdom in the western region of Halmahera Island.

"The beauty of nature, the potential of the underwater, the cultural potential and the culinary of the taste buds can be an attraction in this event.A variety of interesting attractions will be featured in this festival.All tribes and our community involved to succeed this event," said Head of West Halmahera Tourism Office , Fenny Kiat as quoted from on Saturday (14/4).

He said the charm of Jailolo Bay, must have been familiar to that often travel to the eastern part of Indonesia. Around the beautiful bay, the festival is held, mainly in three tourist villages, namely Gamtala, Guaeria and Bobanehena. So the series of events that will be held in the Festival of Jailolo Bay 2018 include traditional children's game party, Cultural Art Exhibition of Se-Halmahera West Tribe such as Sasadu in the Sea, Moloku Kie Raha, Sigofi Ngolo, Orom Sasadu, Jailolo Kitchen Snack Market, Moloku Kie Raha and Gelar Western Halmahera Culinary.

"There are also attractions Sigofi Ngolo Ritual, Cultural Exhibition and FTJ Dance Festive Dance Performance," he said.

Fenny explained, that the ceremony Sigofi Ngolo Ritual is a ritual offerings for nature to FTJ activities run smoothly. In addition, the main attraction at the top of this Jailolo Bay Festival is the appearance of Sasadu on the Sea. The show features International Performance from Cry Jailolo and Balabala. Besides also featuring a national band, Slank is guaranteed to add to the festive FTJ 2018.

"In closing the FTJ 2018 series provided Fun Trip to Loloda to see the hidden natural beauty of Sosota Island, Kahatola Waterfall, Ngaramabeno and Mariporoco Cliffs and in the afternoon until the evening served BBQ in Pastofiri Island," he said.

He stated for those who want to attend the Jailolo Bay Festival, there is no difficult word to get to the location of the event. There are flights to Sultan Baabulah Airport in Ternate, as well as sea transport services to Ternate. From Ternate to Jailolo, we can ride fast boat or wooden ship. Problem accommodation during the Jailolo, not to worry. There are a number of one star hotels and homestays in around Jailolo Bay. The cost per night is relatively inexpensive.

"Let's go to West Halmahera and experience the thrill of a decade of celebration of the 2018 Jailolo Bay Festival," said Fenny. (Genpi)
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