TNI Integrated Village Development in MTB Reached 100 Percent

Ryan Heryawan Kunjungi 3 Desa Lokasi TMMD di Maluku Tenggara Barat
BATU PUTIH, LELEMUKU.COM - Military commander in Saumlaki, West Southeast Maluku regency (MTB), Maluku province, Lieutenant Colonel Infantry Ryan Heryawan visited 3 villages where the 100th  Army's Integrated Village Development (TMMD) was built.

The three villages that are the location of TMMD are Batuputih Village, Wermatang Village and Marantutul Village in Wermaktian Subdistrict which has been held since April 4 until May 3, 2018.

According to Ryan, TMMD has already built infrastructure facilities, including the construction of rebound roads and long roads, retaining walls, 10 habitable houses and 3 housing units for health workers.

"Development progress has reached 100 percent," he said during a live monitoring in 3 villages on Wednesday (11/04).

He revealed the funding source for the TMMD work is allocated from the Regional Budget (APBD) of MTB District amounting to 1 billion rupiah by mobilizing 150 TNI and Police personnel and assisted by the local community.

"All personnel that we muster 150 personnel both TNI and Police in the three villages. During TTMD walking they live in people's homes. We also provide money to eat and money we love to the community with a record can be used with the community, so eat together with the community, "said Ryan.

He hopes that through this activity can be an example for the local government of MTB in infrastructure development in the village and can answer the needs of the villagers. (Aksamina Masela)

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