Three Components for Achieving Qualified Education in Tanimbar

Inilah Tiga Komponen Peningkatan Pendidikan Berkualitas di Maluku
SAUMLAKI, LELEMUKU.COM - Head of Education and Culture (Kadispenbud) of West Southeast Maluku Regency (MTB), Maluku Province, Ir. Lieke Tan, MS said there are three important components that play a role in improving quality education.

"The three components are from the school itself, family and community and government," Lieke said in an interview with Lelemuku.com in his office on Tuesday (03/04).

He explained that a school serves as a place of education in preparing students through the learning process. The school must be able to provide knowledge and form a good mindset and strong character.

"Teachers will not give science alone but also moral and ethics, should be implanted in school. So this student will be directed to where, we must prepare. If we want to make these students as intelligent and character children means educators, the teacher must be an example, "explained Lieke.

Kadispenbud believes that there are still many teachers who have not been a role model for their students, judging from the existence of unscrupulous teachers who still consume liquor, playing gambling, issuing harsh words to students in schools that are not at all a blessing to learners.

"There are many teachers who are role models, but there are still many who have not. For example, like drinking a hangover, playing gambling, there are teachers who issued harsh words to the children at school or words that do not bless, the insults still adorn the school and still exist with violence, "he values.

Lieke says there is a difference in the pattern of coaching to students in the past and the present. In the past, teachers were still using violence but the present can not be because it can be misunderstood by students.

"The pattern of coaching that once was no longer suitable with the present. Now with the existence of domestic violence it can no longer. Because if we are violent then the mental, the child's character from that little he has formed a soul of revenge within. It should not be, if we get harder with the child, the child will be even harder. (Aksamina Masela)

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