The 2018 Darwin to Saumlaki Yacht Race Ready to be Held

Darwin Sailing Club Gelar Lomba Perahu Layar Darwin - Saumlaki 2018 SAUMLAKI, LELEMUKU.COM - Darwin Sailing Club will held its annual event of Yacht Race and Rally from Darwin, Territory of the Northern Australia to Saumlaki, West Maluku Regency, Maluku Province on 30th June 2018.

According to the chairman of Saumlaki Yacht Race Committee, Lucille Panting, the purpose of this yacht race and rally is providing an opportunity for the participants to see how beautiful Tanimbar Islands is, which has a unigue culture and remain a major centre for the production of traditional crafts like ikat cloth and carved wooden statues in Maluku, and also have their own forms of music and dance.

"We will start on 30th of June and we arrive here on 2nd or 3th of July. This sailing will be taken two days of trip or 48 hours to arrive here (Saumlaki)," She told to Lelemuku.com, on Thursday (17/05).

Lucille reveals the reason for choosing the Tanimbar Islands as the destination of the voyage because of the distance from Tanimbar that is so close to Darwin City that is separated by the Arafura Sea. It's more advantageous than taking a trip to Ambon City or Dilli City, East Timor which takes up to 4 days of travel, while to Tanimbar only 2 days.

In addition to the close distance, the beauty of Tanimbar sea is also a reason for this sailing club to do snorkeling and swimming. And the same weather is the reason, where the location of Darwin City itself is relatively close to the equator line, then this city is the only major city in Australia which has tropical climate like Indonesia.

"We want to come here because Tanimbar is so close to our country, save from marine predator animals, friendly community, diving and swimming location is also very good and has the same weather with darwin," she said.

Lucille ensures that there are currently about 12 fleets of sailboats that will be involved in the race. His party is still open registration for interested participants until May 29, 2018.

"This is a trial between 10 to 15 boats, but not sure, we estimate about 12 boatss that have been registered," she explained.

Constraints of the implementation of the 2018 Darwin Saumlaki Yatch Race is the weather, which is too windy so it can affect the number of boats involved, because there are some small boats that can not withstand the wind.

"Last year on October cruise was not windy, so we chose this July because it was windy, but now it's just too much wind. This activity still roads just a few boats may fall because of its small size, for that we will be back to determine how many boats will come," Lucille added. (Laura Sobuber)

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